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about us

Bromies Pythons was established in 2015,

when Troy and his partner, Peta, combined their love and passion for reptiles.


Previous to that, Troy had been working with, and breeding reptiles since the early 2000’s.

Troy had bred and kept Bearded Dragon mutations such as Hypomelanistic and Leatherback, plus a number of Nephrurus (knob-tailed geckos).

During this time, he had also kept a small number of snakes including Hypo Bredli’s and Coastal pythons, but had no desire to breed them.

Along the way, his desire to work with Bearded Dragons and such had swayed and he found himself keeping more pythons.

In turn, he found his true passion, working with Morelia.

This then lead to the beginning of the Bromies Pythons journey.


In this time, the team have invested in quality equipment and continuously follow strict quarantine procedures to ensure that their collection is kept disease free and in pristine condition.

Bromies Pythons have invested in high quality lines from reputable breeders in Australia to ensure that they are producing nothing but world-class pythons, for their personal collection, and for the hobby. 

Bromies Pythons also breed quality Morelia mutations, as well as keep and breed a number of Antaresia and Aspidites.


Some of the designer Carpet Pythons they are currently working with include, Hypomelanistic Darwins, Granites, Moonglow and Snow combinations plus many more exciting mutations. 


Whether you’re a new keeper looking for a pet, or someone who is looking to expand your collection, Bromies Pythons have you covered!

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