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5 years ago i needed to reset my collection as my passion for keeping Reptiles was going fast.

I found i was following everyone else's path and not my own.

I'd kept and bred smaller numbers of snakes and lots of Bearded Dragons (🤮 Don't judge me!) but i was bored.

So Peta talked me into joining Facebook and her passion for Reptiles was enough to reboot my own passion, but i still needed my own path...

Then came the Darwin idea.

I'd thought about the possibilities and what i can do for ages, studied/stalked profiles and saw very few people were focused on pushing to see what can be done while keeping them pure.

I looked hard, found snakes i wanted to work with and you lot know the rest of the story..😉

Im glad i chose my own path as its super refreshing to see pure Darwin mutations start to take off..

Obviously there's still so much to be done with them and i look forward to the epic journey.. A "coffee coloured" het albino Darwin is pictured below.

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