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Q: What is the first thing I should do when I get my first snake home?

A: A new owner needs to leave the snake alone. The need to get it feeding and relaxed is greater than the need to get it tame.

Q: What is a 'hatchling'?

A: A hatchling is a term used for a baby snake, up to the age of 6 months old. After that, they tend to be called 'Advanced Hatchies'. 

Q: Why won't my snake feed?

A: Nearly all of the time, when I'm being asked why a new snake wont eat, it's due to the setup being incorrect. Hatchling snakes require a small area in which to thrive and gain more confidence with new surroundings and feeding methods. We recommend 5ltr tubs for all new hatchlings until they outgrow that. That way you're insuring that your new pet is not stressing with its new environment.

Q: How do I work out what size rodent to feed my snake?

A: Once you have purchased a snake from us, you will be advised on the current feeding size necessary to that animal, and we will continue to help throughout the life of the snake if required.

Q: Will my snake bite?

A: Yes it will bite... Some more than others, though. When a hatchling pythons bites, it is mostly a feeding response which is what you require for it to be a good feeder. Once a good feeding schedule is established weekly, handling for short periods of time will help in calming the new pet down.

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