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Quality frozen rodents at affordable prices!

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Please arrange for pick up from Lisarow, NSW, Australia directly with us.

There is currently no minimum order for rodents.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Please confirm these with us when placing your order.

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Pinkie (1-9 grams)

10 per pack          $12.00

Fuzzy (10-29 grams)

7 per pack          $11.55

Hopper (30-49 grams)

5 per pack          $12.25

Weaner (50-69 grams)

5 per pack          $15.00

Small (70-99 grams)

5 per pack          $17.50

Medium (100-149 grams)

5 per pack          $24.00

Large (150-199 grams)

5 per pack          $29.00

X-Large (200-249 grams)

3 per pack          $20.40

Jumbo (250-349 grams)

2 per pack          $15.40

XL Jumbo (350+ grams)

1 per pack          $8.80


Pinkie (1-3 grams)

10 per pack          $7.00

Fuzzy (4-7 grams)

10 per pack          $9.00

Hopper (8-12 grams)

7 per pack          $8.40

Weaner (13-19 grams)

5 per pack          $7.50

Adult (20-29 grams)

5 per pack          $9.50

Jumbo (30+ grams)

5 per pack          $14.00

Bromies Pythons were established in 2015 with a  focus on breeding and keeping quality Australian pythons. Bromies Pythons are registered as a reptile keeper under the name Troy Rushton by NSW National Parks & Wildlife.
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